Past Projects

Asha Trust – Adarsh ILM

Adarsh Ilm Vidyalaya is the name of a school started by a group of people in their local community. Their aim is to impart formal education to children of lower income groups, farmers, land labourers and backward classes.

Asha Trust – Shraddha

Shraddha provides basic literacy, vocational training and most importantly a healthy environment to mentally disabled children. In addition it also provides basic health facilities including monthly check-ups.

Baichara Vidyalaya

Bhaichara vidayalaya is a primary/middle school started on a land donated by a local farmer. It aims to provide education to poorer section of the community that consists mainly of artisans and farmers.


Funds requested are for supporting tuition/books of kids that go to one of a few schools in the area.

Indian Institute Of Education – Vigyan Ashram

Asha’s funding is used for the one year DBRT course. We are also considering funding spreading the vigyan ashram model to other high schools in the area.

Pothamkandam School

The school was stated in 1955 and upgraded as upper primary school in 1984.The school is run by the State government and Payyanur Block Panchayath is the authority (Local self government) responsible for running the school. Redlands chapter funded one time infrastructure cost towards drinking water, library, furniture and teaching aids.

Vivekananda Orphanage

Vivekananda Orphanage is an orphange that provides for residents education along with accomodation and food.