Meeting Minutes

Asha for Education Redlands Chapter 2015

Details of SACSAS teleconference conducted on 10/25/2015 between the participating members/attendees: Mamta, Brijesh, Ishaan, Uma, Simpi

The teleconference was conducted by Mamta who shared the expenditure details sent by Shanti Kumar for Laishoi and Maovam project.

SACSAS budget details:

Total Budget agreed upon at the beginning of the year: = Rs. 6,83,500 (USD 10,891.99)

Payment sent half yearly: 340,000.00

Remaining balance: 339,250.00

Brijesh suggested to send the same amount as last time which was 340,000.00

Mamta will go ahead and process the release of payments with Asha Treasurer.

Brijesh Srivastav
Mamta Srivastav
Saniya Srivastav
Vikas Srivastav
Simpy Verma

1. Sports Day (May-June, 2016)
-10K run, 8K run and 5K run
-Cricket (Practice sessions from April 2016)
-Kids games (Age 5-9 yrs)
-Kho Kho (only for women)

2. Mehndi (Heena) Night
-Customized Henna (tatto) designs
-Bollywood theme dance steps learning session.

Asha redlands chapter


  • Plan sports day
  • Discuss fundraiser ideas
  • Decide on 2016 budget for Maovam and Loishai school


Maia, Simpy, Brijesh, Mamta, Ishaan, Saanya, Swarna

Sports Day planning:

Sports day activities will be focused on the following:

  • Cricket
  • Adult activities (race, throw ball etc.)
  • Games for little kids


Make teams early on to get more commitment

Make two conferences for teams.

On practice days one conference will play the other conference


Adult and Small Kid Games for Sports Day:

Women can play throwball

Need to buy a kit or borrow it form Swarna

Kho-Kho for kids and adults together

Bicycles race?

Kids can do arts and crafts and make things that will be sold at the silent auction


Decorations for Sports Day:
Classes can make decorations for Sports Day


Entrance fee:

Basic fee can stay $15 but to raise more funds we can encourage people to buy ticket at a higher price (as

Parents should let Simpy know what type of event that the kids will enroll in along with their age

Need to buy more cones

Need to figure out a pitch

Practices will be from either 3-5 or 4-6 depending on the weather

Use ‘Remind 101’ to notify people through text about practices and email


First Practice Sunday April 9th

Fundraiser Ideas

Couple of ideas were put forward as a potential fundraisers

  • Henna night
    • Setup a henna night in the backyard where people pay a fixed amount to get henna done. Some snack will also be provided for the event.
  • Bike event
    • Tap the strong Redlands bike culture for some fundraiser event
  • Start donate a dollar
    • Think of ways to communicate how athe cost to support a kid will translate to dollar amount per week etc…

Maovam and Laishoi school budget proposal for 2016

  • Budget for schools were discussed. They can be found at project website.
  • Budget was discussed and everyone agreed to continue with the same level of funding as last year. Even though the budget amount has increased it probably will cost the same in dollars as dollar conversion rate has increased.
  • Votes:  Yes = 5     N0 = 0  Abstain = 2
  • Updated Budget proposal will be uploaded to project website by Project coordinator (mamta) soon.
  • Need to find a site visit for the two schools