Meeting minutes – 11/13/2016

Meeting to discuss ARC 2016 decision

Attendees: Ishaan, Saanya, Simpy, Brijesh, Mamta

Meeting was called at a short notice to discuss the ARC vote if the genral fund should be equally split or divided based on chapter capacity (amount they funded previous year).

  • There was a difference of opinion where Mamta and Ishaan were more in favor of funds to be divided based on capacity as they didn’t think smaller chapters will have capacity to manage large amounts
  • Brijesh countered by mentioning that big chapters already are able to generate funds and smaller chapters are more in need of funds for their projects
  • It was put to vote and it was decided in favor equal split among all chapter by a margin of 3 to 2.
  • Brijesh, Simpy and Saanya voted in favor of equal split while Ishaan and mamta voted for funds to be divided based on chapter capacity