Purpose: Discuss SACSAS school projects for potential funding  by Redlands Chapter

Participating Members/Attendees through email: Mamta, Ishaan, Brijesh, Ajit, Vivek, Uma

Date:  03/28/2015

Meeting minutes:


–          Following details of the project was discussed by Mamta who had done the research work and communicated with project stewards.

o   SACSAS academy runs 5 school in remote village (New Dampi, Wangoo, Loilamkot, Maowamand and  Laishoi). First school was opened in 2003 at Laishoi branch after locals effort to open an ‘Anganwadi’ or similar school by local government failed.

o   Project has been funded since 2005 by Houston and Zurich chapters. Project mainly funds teacher’s salary, uniform, books etc.

o   School building was constructed by individual donor

o   SACSAS is FCRA approved

o   Total number of children supported by schools are 320 , boy/girl ratio is 1:1 and teacher /student ration is 1:20

o   Last site visit was done by Shantikumar (Houston volunteer) in Sep. 2014 and a postivie feedback was reported.

o   A hospital project has been funded by a private donor that will in long run bear the cost of all of these school.

–          Brijesh asked a question about 2015 budget requirement. Mamta anticipates it to be same as 2014 but will check with project steward

–          Another question was asked by couple of people about the interaction with the local project members and the communication channel. Mamta clarified that an MoU has been reached where local project coordinator sends periodic updates. Updates are not listed on the project page but Mamta will find their location.

–          Current project requirement was $17k apx. However, it was agreed by everyone that we will not be able to support full amount. It was also suggested by members that we should try to take responsibility for couple of school and see it through for next few years. We won’t be able to sustain the $17k budget requirement for all schools.

–          Fact that schools was in remote village and doesn’t have any other resources was discussed by everyone as one of the key factor why Asha/us should continue to support it.

–          Tentatively we all agreed  to proceed with supporting the project conditional on 2015 budget requirements.